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What is Wings of Kilimanjaro?

 In January 2013, a team of 95 adventure philanthropists came together from around the globe to help Tanzanians in need. The team, the largest group to ever climb the world’s tallest free standing mountain, Kilimanjaro, aimed to do something a little remarkable, other than just ascend the 19,340ft high peak. The team also aimed to fly from the summit, in a world first attempt something that is usually banned by the Tanzanian Government.

Only a cyclone would stop these adventurers from launching from the summit (2 tropical cyclones off the East African coast, TC-13S and TC Felleng).When the majority of the Wings of Kilimanjaro group descended on foot, we had a small passionate team of para-dreamers remain for one extra day to see if more suitable conditions would follow. On February 7, those remaining decided to descend leaving just one pilot on the mountain; Nepalese Pilot Sano Babu Sunuwar with his guide Matthew Lyimo. The pair climbed back to the summit and successfully launched, becoming the first officially sanctioned people to paraglide from Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a fitting end to an extraordinary event and the Wings of Kilimanjaro organisers were delighted that Matthew Lyimo who has been a guide on Kilimanjaro for many years was part of this historic flight.

The mission of Wings of Kilimanjaro is to raise US $1Million for three charities making a difference on the ground in East Africa; Plant with Purpose, WorldServe International and The One Foundation. If you would like to help the group push towards their goal, please donate via The Wings of Kilimanjaro organising team would like to thank the incredible team that assembled together in Tanzania, for not only being part of our crazy little project but for all their incredible efforts raising funds and awareness for Tanzanians in need

The Wings’ expedition was made possible by a small but passionate team from Australia who has worked for over 3 years to plan this extraordinary event.  To learn more about our fundraising progress and developments in Tanzania, please connect with us on our social media pages (facebook/twitter).