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Wings of Kilimanjaro: Six Months Later- Good News from Tanzania

on 07/08/2013
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Six months ago the Wings of Kilimanjaro expedition put 95 climbers on the summit of Kilimanjaro and in the process raised over $550,000 for environmental restoration, clean water and education in Tanzania. Plant With Purpose received just over $165,000 as a result of this effort. (Fundraising efforts are continuing and you can learn more or make a donation here.) It was an amazing adventure that continues to have a lasting impact on people’s lives. Below are a few of the highlights of how Plant With Purpose has used these funds:

1. Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) – We have started 24 new VSLA groups with a total of 473 new VSLA members. 73% of these members are women. These groups provide a platform for farmers to save money and make it available for loans to start small businesses. As a result of being in a group, families are able to save money to pay for school fees, pay for emergencies and in general live with a much greater level of security.


Village Community Banking

 2. Farmer Field Schools: 43 schools involving 1,075 farmers.  Farmer Field Schools are literally outdoor classrooms and laboratories, where farmers can learn about and test new crops, organic methods of pest control, fertilizers and water conservation techniques. By actively being involved in learning, farmers are much more likely to implement these new techniques on their own farms: “I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”


Mountain Madness: Wings of Kilimanjaro on Australia’s 60 Minutes

on 17/02/2013
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The wonder of extreme adventure is, you never know how things will turn out.

By its very nature, it involves pushing the limits of human endeavour and demands a bit of good luck.

Australia’s Adrian McRae thought he’d dreamt up the ultimate adventure, to paraglide off the roof of Africa. Hundreds of daredevils joined his incredible quest up Mount Kilimanjaro.

But as Allison Langdon discovered, none of them could know what the mountain had in store.

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Nick Greenaway

Wings of Kilimanjaro: Already Making a Huge Impact in Tanzania

on 06/01/2013
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One of the most exciting things that has happened with us this year at Plant With Purpose has been our partnership with Wings of Kilimanjaro to support environmental restoration and poverty elimination in Tanzania. The event is coming up soon in late January, and we are already putting the initial funds that have been raised to work – more than $30,000 so far! Many, many thanks to all of you who have given so generously!

This support has enabled us to expand our programs and, as a result, our partnership is having a positive impact on the lives of struggling farmers. Here is some of what we’ve been able to do with these funds this year…

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Wings of Kilimanjaro – A Leap of Hope for Tanzania

on 20/12/2012
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Jac Smith writes about the story behind Wings Of Kilimanjaro, and what it has taken to get this far…

“When the forest is healthy, it protects the soil and allows the water to gradually soak into the ground, which then feeds rivers and wells”, says Doug Satre, development director from environmental charity, Plant With Purpose. “There is a lot of focus in Africa on well drilling, but wells need a healthy watershed in order to be productive. In the long-term, the soil becomes useless for farming and families leave their homes to try to find work elsewhere.”

Deforestation isn’t the only problem facing rural communities in Tanzania. Poverty is rife, and with little means to support themselves, education is rarely an option; understandably, the circle of hardship continues to rotate, with scarce prospect of improvement. Yet many villagers face life with a resolute determination and an optimism that humbled Adrian, motivating him to organize an extraordinary event that will aid Tanzania financially, contribute to environmental sustainability and help create global awareness.

Innovative and ambitious, Wings of Kilimanjaro will see Adrian and his team launch from Kilimanjaro’s 5895m peak in February 2013. An unprecedented venture, it’s taken nearly three years to materialize, primarily due to Tanzanian law, which unbeknown to Adrian in 2010, strictly prohibits flights from Kilimanjaro. The words: ‘illegal’ and ‘forbidden’ only fuelled an obstinate Adrian’s determination, and vigorously opposed to ‘the impossible’, he was not about to let legalities get in his way…

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Tanzanian President, His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, reinforces support for Wings Of Kilimanjaro

on 10/12/2012
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Arusha, Tanzania – December 6th, 2012 – Tanzanian President, His Excellency, Jakaya Kikwete, met with Paula McRae, Project Manager for the Wings of Kilimanjaro event, to discuss the progress of Wings of Kilimanjaro, an unprecedented event that will take place in late January 2013 and to reinforce his support for the event.

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Wings of Kilimanjaro London Press Conference

on 07/11/2012
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WOK will hold UK media launch against the dramatic skyline of the City of London at the iconic Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, on Thursday 8 November 2012 at 8:30am.

Media will have the opportunity to:

  • Interview Wings of Kilimanjaro project leader Adrian McRae
  • Interview adventurer and all-action girl Squash Falconer
  • Interview Commissioner Adrian Leppard
  • Interview charity representatives Duncan Goose, Founder of One Foundation, Doug Satre of Plant with Purpose and Allan Guinan of World Serve International.
  • Secure imagery from the latest reconnaissance of Mount Kilimanjaro taken in July 2012

All media wishing to attend the event or interested in one to one interviews with Adrian McRae, Squash Falconer, Duncan Goose, Doug Satre or Allan Guinan must contact Paula McRae at in advance.

All media access will be via the main entrance to the Gherkin and media will need to bring ID with them, as well as register in advance, due to the security procedures at the Gherkin. We cannot facilitate entry on the day for media who have not registered and don’t have formal ID.

Breakfast refreshments will be provided for attending media.

Canadian Philanthropic Adventurer is spreading his wings to the Roof of Africa this winter…

on 09/09/2012
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Mark Jennings-Bates, a Realtor in Kelowna with Realty Executives and a Reservist with the BC Dragoons, will be heading over to Africa to climb the highest peak on the continent and fly from the summit in a Paraglider.

Jennings-Bates, an advocate for Canadian Charity Rally4Life, is well known in Canada for his philanthropic exploits. He will not be doing this project on his own however, he will be joined by 200 of the worlds best climbers, pilots and adventurers who have united to help reduce poverty by joining a project called “Wings of Kilimanjaro”

Read the full press release via the link below:

WOK featured in XCMag

on 06/09/2012
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Sometime last year an Australian pilot had a crazy idea: a mass hike-and-fly of Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro. Adrian McRae wanted to get 200 pilots to fly from the summit at the same time, and raise a million dollars for charity along the way.

This isn’t easy for several reasons: Kilimanjaro is 5,895m high (19,341 feet), the air is thin, altitude sickness is a real possibility, and launching from such a height can be tricky. Not only that, paragliding, mountain-biking – anything other than hiking really – has been traditionally banned on the mountain for the longest time.

Read the full article here.

2nd instalment on National Geographic Adventure

on 24/08/2012
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Here is the second instalment on National Geographic’s Adventure Blog Beyond The Edge. Adventure writer, Jayme Moye, continues the story with the WOK team.

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WOK appears in National Geographic Adventure (Part 1)

on 23/08/2012
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Today, Wings Of Kilimanjaro appeared in the top spot on National Geographic’s Adventure Blog Beyond The Edge. Adventure writer, Jayme Moye, was invited to join the WOK team on the recent reconnaissance trip to climb the mountain in preparation for the 2013 adventure.

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