Wings of Kilimanjaro founder, Adrian McRae, summits Mt Kilimanjaro & Mt Kenya.

SEPT 2008

Adrian takes up paragliding at the Australian Paragliding Centre.

SEPT 2010

Adrian conceives an idea for a fundraising event, publishing the concept on the paragliding forum ( under the title Kili20twelve (based on an unofficial launch date of Sept 2012).

MAR 2011

Registrations of Interest opens for pilots and reaches 100 pilots within weeks.
Charity nominations open.

JUN 2011

Registrations of Interest for pilots passes the 200 mark… and keeps going.

Registrations close for charities, with more than 80 nominations received. The process begins to select the final beneficiaries for the event, including checks to ensure complete transparency for funds delivery and allocation.

AUG 2011

Official documents received, including the big one… permits to allow the flight off Mt Kilimanjaro’s summit.

OCT 2011

Charity partners announced –
Plant With Purpose and One Difference.

JAN 2012

After many months of research and discussions with experts about issues such as launch dates, participant safety, appropriate fundraising platforms, financial agreements, and project delays due to the above, the team make the ultimate decision to shift the launch date. As a consequence, due to the refined project focus, Kili20twelve is rebranded as Wings Of Kilimanjaro with confirmed event dates 27th Jan to 8th Feb 2013 (launch date is 5th Feb).

JULY 2012

The WOK team took a reconnaissance climb to asses the appropriate route to the summit, and schedule surrounding the climb and launch. During this trip, the team had a meeting with Deputy Minister Of Natural Resources and Tourism, The Honourable Mr Lazaro Nyalandu, ironing out the final details of the event.
The WOK team also visits some Plant With Purpose projects on the ground, meet with Duncan Goose (founder of One Difference) and establishes a new relationship with WOK’s third beneficiary – WorldServe International.

On January 27th 2013, adventurers from all over the globe will assemble at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The team, the largest ever group to attempt the world’s tallest free standing mountain, aim to ascend the 19,340 foot high and fly from the summit. The climb and paraglide mission, something that is usually banned by the Tanzanian Government, will raise over US$1 million for 3 charities making a difference on the ground in Eastern Africa; Plant With Purpose, WorldServe International and One Difference.

The expedition was made possible by a small but passionate team from Australia who have worked for over 2 years to plan and convince the Tanzanian Government to temporarily lift the ban on paragliding from Kilimanjaro for this once in a lifetime event.

A team of more than 1,000 porters, guides, and crew will support the 100+ adventurers. The group will spend seven days making the trek to the 19,340-foot peak where the pilots will launch. This is slightly longer than most groups take to summit Kilimanjaro, in order to optimize the pilots’ acclimatization and minimize the risk of hypoxia and Acute Mountain Sickness.
Even with the extended time for acclimatization, not all pilots will summit. Sub-freezing temperatures, nausea, headache, dizziness, and fatigue are common effects of high altitude that could impede the proper mental or physical state required to safely launch a paraglider. Only the strongest will succeed.

For each pilot, the mission is very personal, and for many the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Participants commit to raising a minimum of $5,000 USD towards the charity fund, and have to pass a rigorous application process. Over 300 pilots have registered their interest from over 60 countries from as far afield as Russia to Nepal from Singapore to Peru. So far, over 100 pilots have been accepted as Official Wings of Kilimanjaro Pilots as a result of our strict screening process, focusing on experience to ensure the highest level of safety for all involved.

This remarkable record-breaking event will be communicated to the world via international sport, lifestyle and news media coverage; alongside global distribution of content via online, cable and network platforms, including popular video distribution and social media sites (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). A feature film will also be made, following the stories of select pilots and team members.
Paragliding participants currently include several newsworthy individuals from the world of adventure sport, adventure traveling and philanthropy.